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November 18, 2009


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What a cutie! You have every right to be a blog slacker with that gorgeous boy needing to be spoiled by you! Now, what's my excuse?

Have a wonderful day,



Thanks Jan, he is, isn't he! I take care of him on Mondays now that my daughter has returned to work half time. I spend a couple of nights with them while I'm at it- there's a lot to be said for multi-generational living, even if it's part time. We all benefit.

Meg Wolff

Oh, this is Mr. Baby! Ooooooh! Wonderful. Did you see the trailer of the movie about babies that's coming out. Four different babies around the world. Nice catching up with your blog.


Hi Meg- thanks for stopping by. I have not seen this movie trailer but I would like to. What's the name of the movie?

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